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  • Interview with Jim Doyle, president of Panasonic Eco Solutions North America
    To grow its solutions portfolio in North America, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America has engaged in end-to-end solutions that include financing options to better serve and provide added value to our customers. This is particularly true for its offerings of solutions in the renewable energy sector to commercial building customers. In this Podcast, Jim Doyle tells us what this means for the industry in general, as well as it's customers specifically.
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  • Sustainability in bioenergy
    Biomass is a very versatile resource that can be used to produce heat, electricity, transport fuels and a range of chemicals and materials. It is used in all these applications today, and its future demand is estimated to grow substantially.
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  • Guest Blog: Learning from India’s power revolution
    Posted by Steve Barrett • 21 October 2015
    Dr Henri Winand – CEO of Intelligent Energy, UK Given the relative state of their power grids, it would seem that the UK has little to learn from India when it comes to efficiently providing an...
    tags: Power generation, India, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen energy, Renewable energy, Telecoms
  • Consumer priorities crucial to electric vehicle transition
    Posted by Libi Israeli • 02 June 2015
    BY DAVID PORTER Electric vehicles are an exciting prospect. With smart grids, they may revolutionise how electricity is consumed across Europe – not least in the volume, timing and loc...
    tags: electric vehicles
  • Anaerobic digestion: getting your hands dirty (guest blog)
    Posted by David Hopwood • 28 November 2013
    Written by Andrew Mourant. It’s hard to imagine a more unsavoury sight than mounds of rotting household rubbish or piles of farmyard dung. And so few prospects are more appealing than turning ...
    tags: anaerobic , digestion, feedstock, research
  • Energy storage solutions to enhance grid economics
    Posted by Steve Barrett • 31 October 2013
    By Nick Ni – Verde LLC, Massachusetts, USA Renewable energy has grown at a dramatic rate in recent years. The US Energy Information Administration has recently reported that rene...
    tags: hydrogen, energy storage, renewable energy, total system levelized cost, wind energy, batteries, fuel cells, electrolyzers, electrolysis, solar PV, renewable hydrogen, green hydrogen, economic benefits
  • Hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles
    Posted by Steve Barrett • 19 September 2013
    By Nick Ni – Verde LLC, Massachusetts, USA The concept of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) has been promoted for several years. Compared to conventional vehicles, fuel cell powered vehicles ...
    tags: hydrogen, fuel cells, fuel cell electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, FCEVs, FCVs, hydrogen storage, hydrogen fueling, hydrogen stations, fuel cell catalysts
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