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Ricoh Installs Solar Rooftop System at California HQ

Ricoh Electronics Inc is in the process of installing a rooftop solar energy system at its headquarters in Tustin, CA.

When completed in 2011, the solar rooftop system will supply around 350 MWh, or 10%, of the headquarters building’s electricity. The system is projected to provide Ricoh Electronics with annual electricity cost savings of more than US$56,000.

“Installation of this system is a natural extension of Ricoh’s continued focus on developing and implementing environmental protection activities that lead to prevention of pollution and more efficient use of resources,” says Yoshinori Yamashita, President, Ricoh Electronics.

SPG Solar Inc is managing the solar rooftop project, which will consist of nearly 1000 silicone crystal solar panels.

Ricoh Electronics offset approximately 60% of the solar system’s cost by incentives offered by the Federal and state Government, and expects to recoup its costs for the project in 5.5 years.

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