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Sustainable Energy Financing LLC Founded

Michigan entrepreneurs Dan Kuipers and Kyle Denning have formed a new company, Sustainable Energy Financing, LLC, to focus on promoting project financing and financial advisory services for renewable energy projects worldwide.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

As part of the company launch, SEF will be acquiring grant-writing firm, Viability, based in Holland, MI. The acquisition includes Viability Africa, which Denning co-founded with Viability earlier this year.

“SEF was founded on the knowledge that the growth of the renewable energy sector across the globe moving into the 21st Century represents the next great economic and investment opportunity,” Kuipers says.

“SEF embraces sustainable strategies and believes that doing good business can change the world.”

Currently the company is working on multiple renewable energy projects utilizing a wide variety of technologies, including wind, solar, and biomass. These projects are aided by the wide array of SEF’s financing services such as grant and tax incentive acquisition, carbon credit development and market consulting, and environmental commodity aggregation and trading.

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